7 Common Reasons that Roofs Leak

7 Common Reasons that Roofs Leak

As soon as you find evidence of a roof leak, you'll want to be proactive about addressing the problem. If you delay, the leak could soon get worse, potentially leading to serious water damage. It's not always easy for homeowners to pinpoint the cause of their roof leak, but an experienced roofer will be able to make a quick diagnosis and then immediately get to work on the repairs. Here are seven common sources of roof leaks.

Shingle Damage

Major windstorms can send shingles flying away. But standard wear and tear is also a common cause of shingle damage. As cracks in shingles develop, water gets the opportunity to leak into the home.

Clogged Gutters

Gutters should be kept free of debris so that water can be successfully channeled away from the home. As debris accumulates in getters, water could start spilling onto the rooftop, which will increase the chances of it managing to seep inside.

Excessive Organic Debris on Rooftop

When organic matter---such as leaves, twigs, and branches---piles up on your rooftop, it can create a sort of dam that causes water to pool up. Water that accumulates in this fashion is more likely to seep inside the house.

Cracked Vent Pipes

As vent pipes age, standard wear and tear can cause them to start cracking. Consequently, they may allow water to get inside.


Skylights' metal stripping is a known source of roof leaks. If water is seeping into your home in the vicinity of a skylight, it'll definitely be worth checking this stripping.

Shallow Roof Slope

Some homeowners prefer shallow roof slopes because they offer better accessibility and are often more affordable. But there are some cases where shallow-sloped roofs fail to channel away water effectively. Then, as the water accumulates, there's an increased risk of it leaking into the home.

Damaged Flashing

Old flashing is more likely to be corroded. This could create an entry point for water to find its way inside.

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Posted: March 10, 2021

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